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Pendium Group is a boutique firm that has developed a reputation for helping our clients take full advantage of real estate opportunities through creative means. This requires unique and accurate market insight predicated on a willingness to study the market, think truly creatively and collaborate with both new information and time-tested experience.

We work with our partners to provide our clients with market clarity through an evolving market and provide wide ranging development expertise that makes our clients more successful than ever before. Additionally, our in-house site design, project design and fully-licensed architectural services provide our clients the agility needed to find, evaluate and execute on opportunities. Pendium Group further provides our commercial clients with access to quality construction work through exceptional service backed by three decades of experience across multiple municipalities and a strong network of skilled trade partners. To this end, we are fully invested in our client’s outcome, starting and ending every project as if we were building it for ourselves.

We are proud of all our design, development and commercial construction work with partnering clients, builders, developers, private investors, financial and legal service firms, and building product manufacturers and, likewise, are proud of the benefit these projects bring the communities we live in.